Top 5 Posts of 2022

Brent Conklin
Brent Conklin
Top 5 Posts of 2022
Brent above the clouds in Olympic National Forest
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


First off, I want to thank all the authors of articles for our website.  I have enjoyed all the trips and adventures and have more to share soon.  Since there are many new members, I thought I would do a post with the top 5 articles from 2022.  I have included the links in case you either missed the post when it first came out or are new to the website.  Since I post more than anyone, I have split the lists in two. The first list is only authors that contributed and the second are my articles. These are in order of viewership only and not my personal opinion, but I would like to hear from you.  What was your favorite posts of 2022?

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Top 5 posts from "other authors"


The Steen Mountains
Our Journey Dinner was over and the campfire was beginning. It was an old school evening. No propane or smartphone apps. Crackling flames, against a dark backdrop of Ponderosa soldiers, kept us warm on the outside. A peaty scotch whiskey would take care of the inside. Topo maps were spread


Camping on the Moon?
Camping on the Edge of a Crater An interesting site in the middle of nowhere Nevada Connie and I left Reno early in the morning and headed east on Route 80 towards Fallon, Nevada, then south on Hwy 95. Our goal was to make it to the Lunar Crater National


A Journey from Tent to Trailer
(Part 1 of 2) Growing Up As a child, I grew up camping and traveling with my family all over the Southeast. We spent most of our time in and around the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Spending time between my grandparent’s cabin (a hotel/cabin business owned by family


Lawson Landing-Dillion’s Beach
The Famous Lawson Landing Lawson’s Landing is a fishing and boating campground situated at the mouth of Tomales Bay, California. The Landing was first established in 1929, and the family-owned and operated campground has been running since 1957. From camping to crabbing to boating, there are so man…

1st place is .......

Parks On The Air
What Is It? POTA (Parks on The Air) is a part of Ham Radio that is growing in popularity. It starts when a Ham Radio operator travels to a National, State or County Park that is listed on the POTA website. They set up their equipment and try to make

Top 5 posts from Brent Conklin


Camping on the Rim
The Grand Canyon has two rims, the South Rim which is visited the most and the North Rim which is only open in the summer months. If you want a spectacular campsite that is free for dispersed camping.....Head to the East Rim Viewpoint in the Kaibab National Forest outside


The EarthCruiser
The Addiction Starts My Overlanding hobby/addiction started a long time ago when my grandma and grandpa took me camping as a young child. I loved the adventure of finding new places and enjoying the outdoors. I was hooked and have been enjoying going camping and adventuring ever since. In


Alstrom Point Utah
How to get there The road out to Alstrom Point starts in Big Water, Utah. It is the starting point for trans versing the Grand Staircase via the Smokey Mountain Road. (More coming on that trip). The total distance from Big Water to Alstrom Point is about 35 miles. Give


Angels Landing at Zions
A few years ago, Cheryl and I took a trip to Utah to do some camping and hiking. We where at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon visiting the gift shop when I saw the shirt below. As I looked at the shirt, I realized we had done all

1st (and a surprise to me!!)

Montana Ranch (future)
I watched the sun go down past the distant mountains. The sky went from dark blue to an orange red with the clouds providing a silver outline. As I sat at the future homesite on our property, I realized why Montana is called “Big Sky Country”. Why Montana In the

Let me know what article or post was your favorite? If you would like to submit an article, please get a hold of me at [email protected].


We are starting to plan for 2023. There will be a zoom meeting invite soon for all Shot Glass and Tumbler members. We are going to start planning some trips in the spring and summer and then the 2023 Whiskey 7 Backroads Rendezvous at our Montana Ranch.  Look for those emails soon and if you are not a Shot Glass or Tumbler, now is the time to upgrade!!!

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Brent Conklin

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