The Navigators

Brent Conklin
Brent Conklin
The Navigators

We have 2 Australian Shepard's that I refer to as The Navigators.  They go everywhere with us in the EarthCruiser EXP.  Many times when its just me and the dogs we will drive until we get to a T in the road, flip a coin and go that way.  The dogs have gotten us 'lost' many times but what adventures we have had!

Riley the Navigator

Riley is a black tri Australian Shepard.  We got him at 4 months and he has been the best dog a family could own.  He loves to fetch a frisbee, ball or stick and won't stop for hours.  He also loves to travel to fun and adventurous places where we do a lot of hiking and exploring.  Riley has been to about half the states in the US and I am hoping to get him to all of them.

Rusty the Assistant Navigator

Rusty is a red tri Australian Shepard.  We got him at 9 weeks old and he is a great companion to Riley.  He does like to roam and is truly a 'red head'.  He is the funniest dog and has lots of personality.  He likes to explore, chase after Riley and have fun.  

Rusty trying to wedge into front seat

If you see us out exploring, please wave us down and say hi.  You can also find more of our adventures and the places we camp by subscribing to our YouTube Channel at :

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