2024 Rendezvous - Taking sign up's now!!

Brent Conklin
Brent Conklin
2024 Rendezvous - Taking sign up's now!!
Whiskey 7 Ranch

2024 Rendezvous - Taking sign up's now!!

Cheryl and I have been busy this winter working on our future ranch house in Montana. Between this and a new project at my regular job, we have not had any adventures so far this year. We plan on changing this as soon as we can, probably this summer.

I wanted to remind all members that we changed the format this year for the Rendezvous. Please log into your membership and navigate to the Rendezvous tab at the top of the page. If you see all the details, you are already signed up to a paid membership. If you don't and want to attend, please sign up for one of the paid plans. The proceeds from the membership will help cover the cost of this great family event.

If this is the first time you're hearing about this Rendezvous, please check out the post below to see what fun was had last year.

The Rendezvous 2023
As the weather starts to turn to winter, I am finally getting around to writing about the Rendezvous at the Whiskey 7 Ranch in August 2023. We had a great time spending time with old friends and meeting some new ones. Here is a video of the introductions The first

Click here to see all the fun we had last year

After June of this year, the only communication from us on the Rendezvous will be to members that are signed up.

Thanks to all for your support, hope to see you at the Ranch this year.

Brent & Cheryl Conklin

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