The Rendezvous 2023

Brent Conklin
Brent Conklin
The Rendezvous 2023
A view from the Ranch as the sun goes down

As the weather starts to turn to winter, I am finally getting around to writing about the Rendezvous at the Whiskey 7 Ranch in August 2023. We had a great time spending time with old friends and meeting some new ones. Here is a video of the introductions

The introductions

The first night we had Tacos Carnitas prepared by Gary, Gretchen, Charlie, Norma and family. They were loved by all and I have been informed that we will be able to sample another serving in 2024. After dinner, we had a very serious game of Cornhole that lasted into the dark of night. We lit the holes with lights and continued on in the dark.

Campfire Saturday Night

The second afternoon, we sampled 4 different varieties of homemade Brats made by Brent and Cheryl. We are pretty proud of these and there was something for everyone. That evening we had a random-partners Cornhole tournament. At this time I really don't remember who won, ha ha Bill. A good time was had by all and some even started practicing for next year.

If you want to attend next year's event, please sign up below.

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To everyone who attended, we want to thank you for coming and sharing the weekend. It was one of the most memorable weekends with friends we have ever had. Please sign up for next year as only those with memberships will get the invite.

Brent & Cheryl Conklin

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